About Immunity Care

Our Approach 

Your Happiness is our Top Priority

At the very core of Immunity Care’s values is a strong focus on your happiness. It’s not only how we work to provide our services, but it’s also in how we work every day to provide you with the support and care you need.

Immunity Care was founded by passionate community members who wanted to see more professional, more compassionate and most importantly more affordable services to those with disabilities or illnesses.

Our team stands on a foundation of professional and experienced support coordinators, therapists and peer mentors. All driven by a passionate and strong desire to help all of their clients reach positive and lasting outcomes in their lives.

Our Work is our Pride

The Immunity Care team prides themselves on the quality of our support and our ability to empower participants to achieve their life goals and live independently. Every member of our team is focused primarily on that goal and that goal alone.

We also work closely with you to make sure we tailor our support and our plans to work specifically to you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and know that all of our participants are unique people with unique goals and methods that work better or worse for them.

We are a people-centric practice working to build a system that empowers you and enables you to take advantage of life and all of its choices and opportunities to the fullest.

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